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IJRES – Volume-7 Issue-3 May - June 2020

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Security Issues Faced By Internet Of Things: A Survey

-Preetha S, Sagar J, Krishna Pooja P

IJRES - V7I3P101

Effect of Mortar Thickness on Compressive Strength of Solid Block Masonry Prisms Prototyped Using Granite Dust and M-Sand

-Akshaya S, Sheebha Serene G, Deepan Chakravarthi A.V

IJRES - V7I3P102

Strength And Durability of Concrete Block By Partial Replacement of Cement With Granite Dust And Fine Aggregate With M-Sand

-Nigarila.R, Rajalakshmi.N, Deepan Chakravarthi A.V

IJRES - V7I3P103

Evaluation of Workability and Strength of Fly Ash Based Solid Block Using M-Sand as Replacement of Fine Aggregate

-Praveen Nagulu.S, Ayyan Raj.A, Deepan Chakravarthi.A.V

IJRES - V7I3P104

Experimental Investigation of Fly Ash Based Solid Block Masonry Prism by Using M-Sand as Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate

-Surya.I, Surya.M, Deepan Chakravarthi.A.V

IJRES - V7I3P105

Review of Search Engine Optimization

-Pooja V Raikar, Supreeta Anand Byatnal, Tejaswini T N, Ms. Rajeshwari K

IJRES - V7I3P106

A Survey on Applications of Blockchain In Healthcare Sector

-Rashmi V Bhat, Shruti H Hegde

IJRES - V7I3P107

Harmonic Vs transient analysis of a vehicle

-Mir Aamir Abbas

IJRES - V7I3P108

Effect of Firing Temperature on Abrasive and Compressive Strengths of an Interlocking Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB)

-Bakam V. A., Mbishida M. A, Danjuma T., Zingfat M. J., Hamidu L. A. J., Pyendang Z. S.

IJRES - V7I3P109

Garbage Classification Based On Deep Residual Weakly Supervised Learning Model

-Zhijie Yang, Hongbin Huang

IJRES - V7I3P110

Performance Analysis of V-Blast Encoded MIMO MC-CDMA Wireless Communication System in Encrypted Color Image Transmission

-Md. Sofiqul Islam, Md. Firoz Ahmed, A. Z. M. Touhidul Islam

IJRES - V7I3P111

Design and Simulation of a Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

-Md. Nawaj Sharif, Md. Firoz Ahmed, Mahfujur Rahman, A. Z. M. Touhidul Islam

IJRES - V7I3P112

Economic Feasibility of Integrating Solar Photovoltaic Distributed Generation With Nigerian Power System

- John Nweke, Arthur Ekwue, Emenike Ejiogu

IJRES - V7I3P113

A Critical Assessment of Digital Oilfield Implementations in the Middle-East

- Sharon Campbell-Phillips

IJRES - V7I3P114

A Review: Facial Recognition Using Machine Learning

- Pooja G Nair, Sneha R

IJRES - V7I3P115