Review of Search Engine Optimization

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Volume-7 Issue-3
Year of Publication : 2020
Authors : Pooja V Raikar, Supreeta Anand Byatnal, Tejaswini T N, Ms. Rajeshwari K


MLA Style: Pooja V Raikar, Supreeta Anand Byatnal, Tejaswini T N, Ms. Rajeshwari K  "Review of Search Engine Optimization" International Journal of Recent Engineering Science 7.3(2020):30-35. 

APA Style: Pooja V Raikar, Supreeta Anand Byatnal, Tejaswini T N, Ms. Rajeshwari K. Review of Search Engine Optimization  International Journal of Recent Engineering Science, 7(3),30-35.

The internet is one of the most potent weapons presents. If made fair use of what it has to offer, the results are compelling and efficient. Search engines, which are the most used software system on the internet, helps the users in obtaining the web pages as results based on their requirements. Every website owner aspires for his/her page to be on the top with the highest ranking and hence be displayed first to the users. This is achieved by a process called Search Engine Optimization. This will help improve the business by diverting the traffic towards their web page and thereby gives an upper hand over the competitors. Some various techniques and methods are utilized to perform this optimization. It is crucial to analyze the different ranking algorithms too, which are used by different Web Search Engines to rank the web pages while displaying the results to the users. Since it is observed that a user hardly opens the web pages that are on page 2 or above in the results page, it is imperative to understand how this ranking is calculated. This paper reviews different papers that assess search engines’ optimization and describe different types and methods in the process.

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SERP, Query Dependent (QD), PR (Page Rank), Query Log, Meta Tag, Priority Encoder