A Survey on Applications of Blockchain In Healthcare Sector

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Volume-7 Issue-3
Year of Publication : 2020
Authors : Rashmi V Bhat, Shruti H Hegde


MLA Style: Rashmi V Bhat, Shruti H Hegde  "A Survey on Applications of Blockchain In Healthcare Sector" International Journal of Recent Engineering Science 7.3(2020):36-39. 

APA Style: Rashmi V Bhat, Shruti H Hegde. A Survey on Applications of Blockchain In Healthcare Sector  International Journal of Recent Engineering Science, 7(3),36-39.

Blockchain technology is among the most perturbing technologies. Blockchain is a time-stamped sequence of immutable data records maintained by a network of computers not operated by any single party. Various sectors are embracing blockchain technology to reinvent how they work. One of the sectors is the healthcare industry, which continuously aims to improve the services provided to the people by incorporating the latest technologies. While there are many areas of improvement in the healthcare ecosystem, blockchain can enhance and transform healthcare by taking care of the challenges of healthcare by improving health data protection, privacy, and interoperability. By making many applications such as electronic medical records, Smart Contracts, Telesurgery in healthcare field more effective, disintermediated, and safer, this technology could provide a new paradigm for health information exchanges (HIE). This modern, rapidly developing sector provides fertile ground for innovation, research, and concrete evidenceof-concept testing, but it might not be the ideal solution.

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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Electronic Health Records (EHR), Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Parallel Healthcare Systems (PHS), Smart Contracts (SC).