Author Instruction :

 Authors are advised to follow the following instructions:


       International Journal of Recent Engineering Science is multidisciplinary. The topics are not limited to the list that is available at this link.

Paper Template:

     Publication of any articles/ manuscript in the International Journal of Recent Engineering Science requires strict conformance to the paper template. However, the initial submission of an article or manuscript for review need not be compliant with the template.
       Once the paper is selected, the authors will be asked to submit the camera-ready paper. The camera-ready paper is the final version of the article/ manuscript published in the International Journal of Recent Engineering Science Digital Library. While submitting the camera-ready, the authors must take extreme care so that the papers strictly conform to the prescribed template of the International Journal of Recent Engineering Science. The camera-ready paper template can be downloaded from this link.

Copyright Transfer:

       Once any manuscript is selected for publication in the International Journal of Recent Engineering Science, the authors must submit the copyright transfer document to IJRES. The copyright form is available from this link. Please refer to the comprehensive set of guidelines while filing the copyright form.

       Authors are responsible for ensuring that nothing in their papers infringes any existing copyright. If previously copyrighted material is included, authors must provide evidence that the copyright holder has permitted its use. A provision for the same is available in the IJRES Copyright transfer document. The authors are requested to verify the manuscripts before submission to curtail any future infringement claims.

Formal Conditions of Acceptance:

  • Papers will only be published in English.
  • A statement must accompany each article/ typescript that has not been submitted for publication elsewhere in English.
  • Previous presentation at a conference, or publication in another language, should be disclosed.
  • All papers are refereed, and the editor reserves the right to refuse any typescript. Whether on invitation or otherwise, and to make suggestions and/or modifications before publication.
  • Article accepted upon peer-review shall be processed for publication.

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