Experimental Vibrational Analysis of Antifriction Bearing

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Volume-8 Issue-4
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : Shirish Narve, Vishnu Ghagare, Khizar Pathan


MLA Style: Shirish Narve, Vishnu Ghagare, Khizar Pathan  "Experimental Vibrational Analysis of Antifriction Bearing"International Journal of Recent Engineering Science 8.4(2021):6-14. 

APA Style: Shirish Narve, Vishnu Ghagare, Khizar Pathan. Experimental Vibrational Analysis of Antifriction Bearing  International Journal of Recent Engineering Science, 8(4), 6-14.

Bearing play vital role in rotating machinery. Many author’s studied failure analysis of the bearing by experimentally and numerically by creating defect in outer race, inner race, rolling element and keeping clearance between shaft -sleeve, sleeve- inner race and outer race-pedestal block. This causes increase in vibration in machine as a whole. In this paper square hole with different depth of cut is created on ball by EDM and also clearance is developed between ball and outer race. Frequency spectra is obtained by FFT Analyzer. Experiment is conducted with different speeds and single load. Experimental results shows that peak amplitude of vibration increases with increase in speed. Peak vibrational amplitudes also increases with increase in depth of cut for same clearance. Clearance has little effect in changing vibrational amplitudes. Harmonics in terms of ball spin frequency is clearly observed.

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ball spin frequency, clearance, depth of cut, FFT, Vibrational analysis