Design And Implementation Of A Smart Prepaid Solar Inverter System

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Volume-7 Issue-4
Year of Publication : 2020
Authors : Obayuwana A ., Igbonoba E.E.C


MLA Style: Obayuwana A ., Igbonoba E.E.C  "Design And Implementation Of A Smart Prepaid Solar Inverter System" International Journal of Recent Engineering Science 7.4(2020):7-13. 

APA Style: Obayuwana A ., Igbonoba E.E.C. Design And Implementation Of A Smart Prepaid Solar Inverter System  International Journal of Recent Engineering Science, 7(4),7-13.

The emergence of alternative power systems was of great cheer and anticipation for consumers to utilize optimally as it came to solve the issue of instability and unreliability on the part of electricity supplies. This project, as designed, is to provide an alternative source of supply that offers a cost-friendly, flexible, and practicable method for consumers in all sectors of the economy. Consumers of energy had earlier faced with challenges such as inflexibility in power subscriptions and unaccountability of consumption rate, even after the solutions that some power-oriented companies had earlier proffered. With the designed prepaid meter interfaced with the inverter system of use, consumers will be able to monitor their consumption rate, and with an energysaving technique incorporated, the consumption is controlled and channelled to critical loads only when a battery is running low and anytime balance is low. The pay-as-you-go method of operating this system power and the ability to own the systems without interference from unauthorized persons were all made feasible through some added tools such as Arduino, IR remote, and Receiver. This project presents a micro approach of a broader scope to eliminating the country’s power problems.

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Smart Inverter, EMS, prepaid metric system, Current Sensing, Voltage Sensing