Asymptotic Study of a Problem of Axial Shear of a Cylindrical Tube

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Volume-6 Issue-1
Year of Publication : 2019
Authors : Edouard Diouf, J Gaston Sambou


MLA Style: Edouard Diouf, J Gaston Sambou"Asymptotic Study of a Problem of Axial Shear of a Cylindrical Tube" International Journal of Recent Engineering Science 6.1(2019):5-9. 
APA Style: Edouard Diouf, J Gaston Sambou, Asymptotic Study of a Problem of Axial Shear of a Cylindrical Tube. International Journal of Recent Engineering Science, 6(1),5-9.

We study in this paper the problem at the limits of a cylindrical tube subjected to shear. The mathematical considerations of this problem lead to a non-linear differential equation. Resolution techniques allow us to have an analytical solution whose asymptotic stability we study. We then established that the different behaviours of the tube depend only on the constitutive law of the material through the coefficients, which themselves depend on the derivatives of the potential concerning the invariants.

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Hyperelastic, compressibility, shear, nonlinearity, perturbation, asymptotic stability.