Review on Energy Efficiency Green Data Centers

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Volume-5 Issue-2
Year of Publication : 2018
Authors : Amarnath V, Mallikarjuna K, Nagendra J, Umesha D M, Nalina V
DOI :    10.14445/23497157/IJRES-V5I2P105


MLA Style :Amarnath V, Mallikarjuna K, Nagendra J, Umesha D M, Nalina V  "Review on Energy Efficiency Green Data Centers" International Journal of Recent Engineering Science 5.2(2018):21-26. 

APA Style :Amarnath V, Mallikarjuna K, Nagendra J, Umesha D M, Nalina V, Review on Energy Efficiency Green Data Centers.  International Journal of Recent Engineering Science, 5(2),21-26.

Early computation has more problems in various business areas; thus, new storage power called data centers evolved. The current computing on the internet stands with the help of Datacenters. Data centers are the heart of computing and internet services. Currently, the data centers workload is increasing to satisfy the customer needs that indirectly contributed to the massive energy and resulted in consuming large amounts of electricity. The current problem in the world is global warming; this is caused due to the emission of carbon and power consumption of data centers. To reduce these carbon footprints, many data centers have decided to power the data center with renewable energy. Where the usage of this renewable energy leads to an increase in operating cost and maintenance cost. Thus Power saving remains the central problem in the current world. The solving of these problems evolved with the interest of designing many frameworks required with energy efficiency. In this paper, we have addressed the challenges and problems facing by the data centers and the importance of green IT. Various techniques and methodologies used for making the data center efficient have been analyzed in order to make still the data center efficient for achieving green IT.


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Green IT, Service Level Agreement (SLA), DVFS (power and speed settings for processor), Autonomous computing, Power consumption.