Performance Evaluation of Directional Microphones

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Volume-7 Issue-6
Year of Publication : 2020
Authors : Wen-Kung Tseng


MLA Style: Wen-Kung Tseng  "Performance Evaluation of Directional Microphones"International Journal of Recent Engineering Science 7.6(2020):19-22. 

APA Style: Wen-Kung Tseng. Performance Evaluation of Directional Microphones  International Journal of Recent Engineering Science, 7(6), 19-22.

Directional microphones are used in popular car multimedia systems, such as CAR PLAY and ANDROID AUTO. The driver can command the microphone to control the car multimedia system. The directional microphone can also improve speech recognition accuracy and prevent the microphone from receiving noise from outside the car. This research improves microphone array directivity. Delay-and-sum beamforming combined with the optimization method is used in this study to achieve the desired effect of the directional microphone array. An array of 57 circular microphones is used in the study. The results show that the proposed method significantly improves microphone array directivity.

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Microphone array, directivity, delay-and-sum beamforming, optimization method, circular microphones.