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IJRES – Volume-7 Issue-1 January - February 2020

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The Effect of Flow Parameters on Liquid Loading and Tubing Lift Performance in a Gas Condensate Well

-Godpower Abaku, Ifeanyi Samson Nwankwo , Bright Bariakpoa Kinate

IJRES - V7I1P101

Investigating the Thermal Properties of Hybrid Composite (Rice Husk, Saw Dust and Baggasse) for Building Thermal Insulation

-Mbimda Ali Mbishida

IJRES - V7I1P102

Studies on Natural Dye (Pelargonidin) Extraction from Onion Peel and Application in Dyeing of Leather

-Resmi Mohan, N. Geetha, D. Haritha Jennifer, Venkatasubramanian Sivakumar

IJRES - V7I1P103

New sushisen methods IEEE802.1 Analysis

-P. Senthil,Sr. Dr. Stanly, M.Suganya, S.S.Inakshi

IJRES - V7I1P104