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IJRES – Volume-6 Issue-4 July - Augest 2019

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Green Hardware and the approches for its energy efficiency

-P J Vaishnavi, Pallavi K C, Nalina.V

IJRES - V6I4P101

A Critical Review on the Applications of Metal Materials for Medical Implants

-A.G Usman, Osama A.M

IJRES - V6I4P102

Artificial Neural Network for forecastingthe Initial Setting Time of Cement Pastes

-M. A. Abubakar, A.S. Maihula, M.B. Jibril, A. Bashir

IJRES - V6I4P103

Prediction of Compressive Strength of Segmental Interlocking Stones Using Ibearugbulem’s Regression Function

-S. Sule , C. Nwaobakata

IJRES - V6I4P104