A Novel Heuristic for the Transportation Problem: Dhouib-Matrix-TP1

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Volume-8 Issue-4
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : Souhail Dhouib


MLA Style: Souhail Dhouib "A Novel Heuristic for the Transportation Problem: Dhouib-Matrix-TP1"International Journal of Recent Engineering Science 8.4(2021):1-5. 

APA Style: Souhail Dhouib. A Novel Heuristic for the Transportation Problem: Dhouib-Matrix-TP1  International Journal of Recent Engineering Science, 8(4), 1-5.

The transportation problem is widely applied in the real world. This problem aims to minimize the total shipment cost from a number of sources to a number of destinations. This paper presents a new method named Dhouib-Matrix-TP1, which generates an initial basic feasible solution based on the standard deviation metric with a very reduced number of simple iterations. A comparative study is carried out in order to verify the performance of the proposed Dhouib-Matrix-TP1 heuristic.

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Transportation Problem, Operational Research, Combinatorial Optimization, Optimal Solution, Initial Basic Feasible Solution, Heuristic, Dhouib-Matrix.