An Immobilizer-Key System For Motorcycles Using Thumstamp And Ticker

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Volume-7 Issue-2
Year of Publication : 2020
Authors : Ragul Gandhi B, Yogammal M, Naresh B, Keerthivasan C, Narmadha


MLA Style: Ragul Gandhi B, Yogammal M, Naresh B, Keerthivasan C, Narmadha  "An Immobilizer-Key System For Motorcycles Using Thumstamp And Ticker" International Journal of Recent Engineering Science 7.2(2020):42-46. 

APA Style: Ragul Gandhi B, Yogammal M, Naresh B, Keerthivasan C, Narmadha. An Immobilizer-Key System For Motorcycles Using Thumstamp And Ticker  International Journal of Recent Engineering Science, 7(2),42-46.

In India, the report says, automobile theft has become a significant crime. Urban cities experience over 100 stolen vehicles per day. Another problem that the nation is facing is the road accidents in which the teens of the 14-17 age group involves the most. The idea deals with improving user identity and security through an IoT network as a solution to reduce the above problems. The vehicle key works with the priory collected user data stored for future access. We were also introducing a system involving a thump stamp and requested user authentication as two-door security.

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