Survey On Plants Disease Detection Using Machine Learning

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Volume-7 Issue-2
Year of Publication : 2020
Authors : Preetha S, Musqan Arshad


MLA Style: Preetha S, Musqan Arshad "Survey On Plants Disease Detection Using Machine Learning" International Journal of Recent Engineering Science 7.2(2020):27-29. 

APA Style: Preetha S, Musqan Arshad. Survey On Plants Disease Detection Using Machine Learning  International Journal of Recent Engineering Science, 7(2),27-29.

Agriculture is a significant source of income for Indian people. Experts do the manual method of detecting disease in a plant. For this, a large team was required, and continuous monitoring was required; that was a complicated task when we do this with a large number of crops. In some places, farmers were unaware of the experts, and they do not have proper facilities. In such conditions, one technique can be beneficial in keeping track of and monitoring a large number of crops. This technique is known as Automatic Detection. This technique makes it much easier and cheaper to detect disease. Machine Learning can provide a method and algorithm to detect the disease. There should be the training of images of all types of leaves that include the ones that are healthy and disease leaf images

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Segmentation, Image acquisition, Feature extraction