P&ID Data Analysis using Hadoop Map Reduce

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Volume-5 Issue-1
Year of Publication : 2018
Authors : Jatti Mounika,Nagaveni B. Birada


MLA Style: Jatti Mounika,Nagaveni B. Birada "P&ID Data Analysis using Hadoop Map Reduce" International Journal of Recent Engineering Science 5.1(2018):8-10. 

APA Style: Jatti Mounika,Nagaveni B. Birada. P&ID Data Analysis using Hadoop Map Reduce. International Journal of Recent Engineering Science, 5(1),8-10.

Hadoop is a framework to store, retrieve, and process a vast amount of raw data to/from Hadoop Distributed File System using the Map Reduce programming model. This vast amount of raw data can be used for industrial or business purposes by organizing according to our requirements and processing. This paper provides a way of P&ID analysis using Hadoop, which extracts tags of respective devices present in the Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams of a particular industrial plant.


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P&ID analysis, Hadoop Distributed File System,Map Reduce programming model